Where it all started .. 

I have always had a love for horses since I was young, too long ago for me to actually remember where it all started. My dad shared the same passion when he was a teenager so maybe it started with him. I have been around horses all my life, I worked on a livery yard, riding school and for private owners as a teenager but I never had the opportunity to train with anyone. So, although I did learn a vast amount about the upkeep of horses I wasn’t learning about the ridden side as nobody gave me the opportunity back then to ride. Instead I had lessons at a riding school and also did courses with them, sadly I did often find that this was a way for them to get all their tack cleaned and horses mucked out as we again did minimal training on the horses. I had a few horses on loan and was able to have lessons on one of them but the others were with me mainly to hack and so I spent years hacking and being around horses but never able to learn about other things that the equestrian world could offer.  I was never given any opportunity to learn more of the ridden side until I bought my own horse. I gave up my last loan pony, a stunning blue roan names Ritzy that I was devastated to give up.
My first horse which my dad bought for me was a full TB named Hollie, she was around 13 when I bought her and boy did I have to learn quickly (not ideal for a novice rider to have a full TB). At first I hated her, she was difficult, hated being turned out for any longer than an hour and would gallop up and down the fence line, she would plant and rear if put under any amount of pressure out hacking but she had also not had the best life, she was thin and covered in rain scald but we bought her anyway and after a few months I totally fell in love. I never knew anything about her past but I like to think she had a wonderful life with me.  She had such a lovely temperament, such a softie who loved to be groomed and having lots of attention. It took a while for us to build up trust and she wouldn’t do much on her own at first, she certainly wouldn’t leave the yard by herself … so that took some training and gentle persuasion. As both my parents didn’t know a great deal about horses (my dad had experience riding as a teenager but not keeping horses), it was never going to be the ideal situation having a 16hh ex racehorse as a first horse … 
Nearly 15 years on and at the grand old age of 28, after competing at two local shows and having pretty much a hacking life she was put to sleep due to a large tumour growing on her fetlock joint, she had cushing’s and was quite sore in her front feet. I was devastated and heartbroken to make the decision for her to go over rainbow bridge, Hollie had been a part of my life from me being 15 up until I was 29. She had been with me through so much in my life and I thank her for that, I thank her for giving me the experiences and the love for horses. 
I was really scared about looking for another horse, after having a veteran who had been pretty much retired for 18 months and only really hacked before then I completely felt out of my comfort zone. However, the yard I was on was changing and more and more people were competing and going out etc and I felt like I wanted to have the option to do more with a horse and learn more about what I could achieve. After viewing several horses I spoke to Jorgies owner and I loved the fact she was asking about me and finding out about me as a person.. nobody else had done this. I went to see Jorgie, he was stabled on Boldheath and I fell in love with his grumpy personality, he was quirky but was soo sweet to ride. He was rising 5, had done very little and needed some time to see the world and build up. I loved the fact that his then owner wanted to go to a lovely home who would look after him and see what potential he had. 
Our story started and we have achieved so much in the years we have been together, I am so grateful for us crossing paths and that his then owner trusted me to buy him. Our journey has been difficult and Jorgie has had lots of rehab after an operation but without him I wouldn’t be the rider I am today and I certainly wouldn’t have experienced anything like I have now and I want more, I want to see what more we can do together and enjoy the journey. I created my Facebook page to document our training sessions, posted videos etc and the page grew and grew and as I have a love for writing it really enabled me to be me!. We created our Instagram page and gained more and more followers and over the last few years I have loved writing about Jorgie and our training, competitions, low moments and high moments hoping that someone out there who like me was given very little opportunity could see what was possible. One of my other loves apart from horses and writing would be to create my very own website, after my past job allowed me to learn about editing websites and content I felt that I had this need to be able to create my own.. so enter at a was born. A play on the dressage words and meaning the start of a journey, whether that be dressage related or not.. it means the start of a journey. Horses cross our paths for a reason, they teach us and allow us to love them and care for them and they give us their unconditional love and that’s what I adore so much.