Do you and your horse wear Hi-Visibility clothing?


Wearing hi-visibility clothing is a must for horse riders!

If you are hacking or leading a horse or pony wearing hi-vis clothing will allow people and motorists a little extra time to react. We all know that this little extra time could help save the lives of you and your horse

There is no law that states equestrians must wear hi-vis, but it is in your best interests to do so. Hi-vis should not just be worn on the road, but off road too. It also means that in the unfortunate event that you are thrown from your horse and left in open countryside, you may be seen much sooner and hopefully prevent your injuries from becoming more serious.

What hi-vis clothing should you chose?

There are so many choices of hi-vis clothing for you and your horse on the market, you will be simply spoilt for choice! Don’t make it difficult, keep it simple! During the day a tabard with silver reflective strips, breastplate and an exercise sheet are going to make you more highly visible, the addition of LED lights can also add to your visibility especially on cloudier or overcast days to motorists, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians from the front and the rear.

When should you wear lights?

It is recommended that riders wear LED lights wherever possible, ideally at the rider’s shoulders both at the front and the rear. Lighting can help other road users see you quicker and allow that extra reaction time. Think of a car driving in the dark with no headlights….

The Solas Light range combines fluorescent wear with silver reflective strips and LED lights and its ideal for all year round, we especially love the gilet as it has 3 pockets which is great for hacking !


LED Reflective Gilet Blue - Solas LightHi Viz LED Velcro Vest - Solas Light

Different types of hi-vis

There are lots of types of clothing for you and your horse that can be worn. However, you need to select the correct pieces for the time of the day and think about if its going to go dark whilst you are out, why risk it? put your hi-vis on just in case, we all know the UK weather can change in the blink of an eye and it can be sunny when you leave and soon turn overcast with low visibility!

Brightly coloured jackets, tabards and gilets are ideal to be worn during the day when there is sunshine. However, the addition of the silva reflective strips/rider/horse wear and LED lights will be seen for much further than fluorescent clothing alone especially when riding in low visibility conditions.

The colours you wear can also have an effect, try not to wear yellow if you are riding in green areas, try and wear pink/orange or other bright colours as yellow can look as though its part of the greenery.

There are now more and more colours available to wear and mixing and matching we feel is the way to go, it may not be ‘matchy, matchy’ but you and your horses safety are far more important!

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(extracts taken from the British Horse Society website)

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